May 17, 2021

How to motivate your customer support team correctly?

Motivate your customer support team correctly The secret of the service’s success is in the selection of the right people. Every organization has good times and bad times. A good team seems to go with the flow, calmly and measuredly fulfilling customer requests. In difficult times, the team can hardly row against the tide, still […]

The secret of the service’s success is in the selection of the right people. Every organization has good times and bad times. A good team seems to go with the flow, calmly and measuredly fulfilling customer requests. In difficult times, the team can hardly row against the tide, still fulfilling all customer requests. In both cases, the difference is not visible to the client.

You may have the best, smartest, customer-centric service process, but if your people are poorly motivated, sad, or simply don’t know how to work smoothly, everything will fall apart. This is why it is important to preserve the significant asset that you have – people. Let’s talk about how to take care of your team.

Motivating support staff with rewards.

Rewards are one of the ways to target employees for success and positiveness. Each company has its own atmosphere and should be considered. Rewards reflect the norms and habits of the community. Rewards boost employee morale and job satisfaction, but there are a few pitfalls to consider. We’ll give you some tips on how to get the team to do the maximum.

Avoid Cash Rewards

Cash incentives do not necessarily lead to the expected results. At first, this seems like a good idea, but it often leads to the fact that cohesion is destroyed and a spirit of competition takes its place. As a result, it harms the atmosphere as a whole. Below, let’s look at an example of wrong motivation.

For three months of work in the contact center, David improved his points for calls from 30 to 80. But in the company, the bar for receiving an award is the same for everyone – 90 points out of a maximum of 100. No one noted his growth and David harbored a grudge. As a result, he began to look for errors of employees who consistently received the bonus, and report them to the manager. After another couple of months, he still won the prize, but spoiled relations with the entire team and quit.

Use the bonus scheme with care. Consider personal accomplishments, not just in comparison to others.

Be selective

Systematic rewards are no longer valid. Employees stop fighting for them, taking them for granted. Pay attention when employees are performing well. Determine how often to reward the employee for the current job. Or highlight those who excel after completing a difficult assignment or project.

Treat workers like individuals

Some people need fanfare, others need a little approval. You should not evaluate everyone according to the same criteria in matters of reward. Employees should feel that their gratitude is genuine, so choose the form of gratitude individually.

Stay calm in an understaffed or overloaded situation

There are days when employees are sorely lacking. The flu epidemic, the holiday season, a new product launch, and the flow of visitors increases dramatically, and you are left with the same limited number of workers. An unpleasant situation, but inevitable, so the best strategy is to prepare for it in advance.

Talk to the team first. Explain the situation to them, tell them that you really need their participation to cope with the problem. Confirm that you are on the same boat with them, not just asking them to work harder. Connect play and rewards to boost employee motivation during busy periods. Cancel all your appointments and ask the staff to do the same. Focus on the difficult moment.

Optimize your working hours. Are there applications that do not require immediate execution? Don’t do them. Save until the times when there is more space. Can someone from a nearby department handle them? Get help from your neighbors. All the same, applications often go to them.

Does your company dislike long lunch breaks? Not today. Moreover, arrange lunch at your own expense. Employees will be pleased to feel your concern. The most important thing is to stay calm and focused. One way or another, the day will end. It is in your power to determine what it will be.

Organize holidays for your team

Building a motivated team that enjoys working together is a creative challenge. To keep people on track, involve them in other company activities, including travel and off-site activities.

Travel creates a good environment for learning and collaboration within your team. During the events, the team shares their experience and knowledge with other people from the industry. Here, employees will be able to hone their oratory skills, become the leader of the group.

Stay fresh by changing roles

Finding and retaining talented individuals is often not as easy as it seems. One of the best ways to do this is to create an interesting and enriching work environment. The team structure should include the exchange of roles and assignments.

Ensure regular role rotation:

◾️ Sorter. Distributes applications into groups.

◾️ Telephone coordinator. Manages the telephone queue. When there are no calls, it deals with applications.

◾️ Application collector. Examines complex, complex applications.

◾️ Chat support. Answer questions in the chat.

◾️ Telephone support. Answer calls.

Here are some examples of roles for other departments:

◾️ Training. Helps customers to better master the service. There is no better teacher than the person who supports the product.

◾️ Knowledge base manager: blogging, writing forum posts, tips, articles. A good candidate for the first role in the event of a blockage.

◾️ Sales Representative. They are in constant contact with clients. They also participate in discussions of goods or services, see the situation from the client’s side.

Give your team more rights

If you’re the leader of a support team, give the team the freedom to make decisions about how to respond to customers and make concessions within designated boundaries. If you have empowered employees correctly, consider that you have killed two birds with one stone: employees are motivated, and you have more time for important things. Let your people treat your business like theirs.

Give your team a convenient tool to work with

Find out how comfortable it is for the team to work with the company’s internal systems. Even if you have no complaints about the quality of their work, this does not mean that employees have no difficulties in the process of doing it. Perhaps too much time is spent on routine, the interface forces you to perform a bunch of unnecessary actions, employees spend energy to streamline and control the flow of requests. Make sure you give your employees a magic wand – a tool that only helps them communicate with customers, and it’s easy and pleasant to work with.


The transparency of your team, from the CEOs to the front line, creates a positive atmosphere. The larger the organization, the more important openness. A few ideas on how to improve communication skills in your organization.

Guide insight

The leadership should appear regularly at general meetings with an agenda that everyone is familiar with.Agreement with the agenda

Send out a list of topics before the meeting, including the times you have scheduled for each topic. Get employee feedback, revise the agenda, and send out the final version so everyone is ready to spend their time with value.

Don’t be a hermit

It’s not enough to sit in the office, making decisions and letting them down until the recoil – good or bad – slowly gets back to you. Have weekly face-to-face meetings. In meetings with management, share information with your directors. If information moves up and down quickly, decisions do not have time to delay.

Take time to the front line and stay on top of their progress.

This will allow you to make informed proposals for changes.

Explain your decisions

It is very important to explain why the decision was made, regardless of the reaction of your team. Thus, you show that you are on the same level as the team.

Allow anonymous reviews

Use a regular Google form. Employees share their questions and suggestions, and if you don’t have enough feedback, open the survey. It is important to let the staff speak up while keeping them feeling that they are not risking anything.

Full overview

If you choose to use anonymous feedback, then be prepared to accept feedback about yourself. This will help you figure out what you do well and what employees hate you for.

We hope that our tips and tricks will help your people to be inspired about their work and make the service superior from the point of view of customers.


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May 17, 2021

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