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Keep calm - we’ve got your back
GotYourBack Support is a powerful tool to build trust, open relationships with your customers and a unique brand’s voice.
How it's started
Back in 2019, it all started as a tight group dedicated to the craft of support. We believe that prompt resolution of all emerging issues contributes to maintaining the continuity of the company's business activities. Since then, we’ve grown to be a team of 50+ members but our attitude hasn't changed — and we’ve got every skill needed to succeed in making our customer happy. From the very first meeting with a сustomer to the closing of the his issue.
Our Main Feature
GotYourBack Support brings together an awesome mix of experience and talent. What glues us together is the belief that, by being diverse, nimble, and committed, we can give small businesses an edge that only big businesses could afford just a few years ago.
years of experience in sales and support industry
We believe that:
  • Continuous innovation and improvement help not only to satisfy the needs of our customers but also to exceed their expectations
  • Applying creativity into every problem solving is each team member's brief
  • When the customer and the company look in the same direction - the most enduring results are delivered
  • Diversity of perspective creates what cannot be achieved any other way
Why Us
Just a few of many reasons
Easy and Fast Start
Launch support services in just 4 weeks.
Deep knowledge of processes
Their specifics and dynamics of consumer behavior.
Mutli-lingual & omnichannel
24/7/365 customer support
Outstanding compliance
And continuous quality control.
Focused personal approach
And high team engagement.
Flexible and scalable teams
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Project Roadmap
Offer presentation
Agreement signing
Project Implementation / Plan syncup
Recruitment / Team Approval
Project Kickoff
Regular reviews
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    We value quality, privacy and security above all
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    Thanks to the team provided by GotYourBack Support, the company is meeting all of their SLAs, and are even getting suggestions on how to improve operations based on customer intelligence. The company is now preparing to expand their sales team to drive even more revenue.

    COO, Consumer Software Developer

    The company can't share any data regarding the project but are quite satisfied with the sales and conversion numbers that they received thanks to the efforts of the GotYourBackSupport team. The company admits that they would not have completed the project without the team working with them.

    CRO, Business Development Agency

    GotYourBack Support's collaboration improved the key performance indicators of the client including the average resolution time. Customer satisfaction scores are also increasing thanks to the team's hard work. Their workflow is effective.

    Marketing & Sales Director, Byte Technologies