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We set up a personal connection with each of your clients, helping them feel involved in a one-to-one conversation with your business.

Our approach

The results of customer support interactions play a huge role in how your customers feel about your business and brand as a whole and it has a great impact on your business’ major factors. That is why GYB Support consistently puts the customer’s needs first regardless of the time or effort it takes.

To ensure your clients are loyal and satisfied we deliver awesome customer care by dealing with all customer inquiries. It allows us to make sure that we give outstanding customer care and provide them with the necessary support during the whole customer journey.

Customer Support Outsourcing
Outsource your call center entirely or during peak hours to reduce waiting time and dropped calls and increase conversion
Product & Service Onboarding
All activities involved in introducing a new customer to your company product or service, making client's experience as smooth as possible.
Orders Management Services
Digital way to manage the lifecycle of an order, that tracks all the information and processes, from order entry to after-sales service.
Help Desk Services
The systems that aimed to automate the processing of customer requests, increase the level of service provided and reduce the time for solving problems.
Call Center Services
A customer interaction center through incoming and outgoing phone calls that analyzes requests and promotes a brand, goods or service.
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Billing Support Services
Solutions and tools to identify and fix issues during the full cycle billing process when they do occur.
Complaint Handling Services
Quick, confidential and cost-effective solution for end-to-end bespoke complaint handling services that help to avoid your business's reputation damage.
Appointment Scheduling Services
Appointment management solution, that makes it easy for product/service providers to manage receptions that provides the efficient use of your time.
Virtual Receptionist Services
A comprehensive set of online business solutions that provides you with a digital platform for remote execution of operations.
Back Office Services
The company department, that makes registration and account of operations related to the company's finances.
Answering Services
A high-quality professional answering team that presents your business in a positive light to customers, as well as customer satisfaction and retention rates.
E-mail Services
This solution offers a technical infrastructure and a software tool with a graphical user interface to manage the sending of emails quantitatively and qualitatively.
Telemarketing Services
Process of selling, soliciting or promoting a product or service over the telephone that is the most cost-efficient, flexible, and statistically accountable medium available.
Social Media Support Services
The practice of using social tools to resolve customer questions or concerns, which allows customers to reach your team on the platforms they already use.
Creating monthly quality assurance reports based on KPIs
Providing multi-channel customer support 24/7/365
Building a knowledge base and FAQs
Reaching new and existing customers using your scripts
Developing custom call scripts upon request
Conducting customer satisfaction surveys
Ensuring the fastest pickup time
Recording all logs for transparency
Constant Process improving
Multilingual Support
Focus on building relationships with your customers
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Easy and Fast Start
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Deep knowledge of processes
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Mutli-lingual & omnichannel
24/7/365 customer support
Outstanding compliance
and continuous control over quality
Focused personal approach
and high team engagement
Flexible and scalable teams.
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    Customer support outsourcing – definition of the concept

    Almost all companies that have recently appeared on the market or have been operating for a long time use IT tools. However, it is a fact that IT is not a core competency for all companies, therefore, the majority of them choose to outsource the whole structure or separate components. Customer support outsourcing is very convenient, profitable and affordable. This is a special support of users for working with technical devices and programs. It is an ideal solution for organizations that make or distribute products that require specialized knowledge and skills for the configuration.

    The end customers of a company are individuals and legal entities, depending on the specifics of the activity. However, all of them need technical support at some time, especially when they cannot figure out the settings or the device displays incorrect operation.

    This is when customer support outsourcing services can be useful. The client calls the company’s number, and as he switches to tech support, he reaches the outsourced company, which acts on behalf of the company. A person does not notice the difference between talking to in-office or outsourced employees.

    Customer care outsourcing has been gaining popularity in recent years as companies are constantly looking for ways to minimize costs. Customer care continues to be a priority. The advantages, disadvantages associated with customer support service outsourcing are known. This makes it necessary for any business that is interested in such an option to look at it carefully and determine if it is the right direction.

    Tracking difficulties with software – work outsourced customer support service team

    The software that allows you to track various difficulties is a special program. It is in demand by representatives of external and internal support teams, where it is necessary to compose, manage and maintain the requests of people contacting them. The outsource Zendesk customer service deserves special attention.

    Internal teams use mentioned software to track issues due to the fact that it provides the ability to receive, respond to and report in detail on received requests. Cloud offers are good because they are able to make it simpler for the experts of the service to access the system and process service requests from anywhere.

    When someone faces different problems and can’t find answers to any questions, he usually contacts the support service via chat, social networks, e-mail. Taking into account the information that the client gives when contacting the company, the said software should form and enter the ticket into the database.

    So, this is what it does give:

    • raises productivity;
    • increases customer satisfaction;
    • measures service performance.

    This is how outsourcing customer support services works. In addition to Zendesk, you can also use Slack, ClickUp, GitHub, and LiveAgent.

    How ecommerce customer support outsourcing works

    Outsourced customer support services work on the following principle:

    1. On the initial stage, the first line is organized.
    2. Then, calls and messages from users are received.
    3. IT maintenance and support of the server infrastructure, services and applications related to technical support are carried out.
    4. A unified database for all appeals is created.
    5. Reports on user requests are generated.

    This is how customer support care outsourcing companies work. Only a reliable and honest organization that cares about the people who use its products or services and is concerned about its reputation can boast of live customer service outsourcing.

    What are the benefits of outsource ecommerce customer support companies?

    Outsourced customer support companies can help in the following ways:

    • optimize costs – you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy or rent equipment or train staff, you only have to pay for the services provided;
    • become more efficient – you won’t have to choose programs, applications, and strategies on your own;
    • exercise full control – you can get detailed objective reports, analytical summaries;
    • carry out high-quality analysis – all incoming requests are recorded and thoroughly analyzed, which means that it is possible to solve problems in the shortest possible time, and not to make anyone wait;
    • create a flawless image – if a user is confident in getting an accurate answer to his request and in a quick solution to his problems, he will immediately go to technical support, and this distinguishes the company from its competitors.

    It is worth dealing only with the best outsourced customer support companies, which will allow you to effectively develop your business, rather than wasting your time solving secondary tasks related to non-core aspects of the work.