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Provide your customers with user-friendly cross-platform Tier level technical assistance and quality solution to almost any technical problem.

Our approach

With GYB Support tech agents our clients get a hold of superior tech help. Our experts have strong tech skills and cover nearly all styles of software and gadget-related technical troubles. Tech agents troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently which enables them to deliver qualified service increase essential customer service metrics – NPS, CSAT, CRR.

Technical Support Outsourcing
Outsource your call center entirely or during peak hours to reduce waiting time and dropped calls and increase conversion
IT Help Desk (T1-T3)
The single point of contact between the IT service provider and users for day-to-day activities where you can manage incidents and service requests.
Technical Troubleshooting
High-quality optimization of customer’s computer/device + custom request that is not covered by the regular servicing (printer setup, Internet issues, etc)
Software Support
Troubleshoot of software problems or help with software usage + billing question + communication with dev team if it needs by providing all the necessary information.
Remote System Diagnostics
Remote diagnostics of all the software and hardware related issues with the help of special remote tools and recomendation in case of hardware issues by certified specialist.
Individual Requests Handling
Remote Computer Maintenance
Securely dialing into your customer's computer, resolving issues they have, monitor the computer continuously for threats and vulnerabilities.
IoT Support
Connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet. It includes everything from cell phones, coffee makers, and almost anything else you can think of.
Security Services
Troubleshoot and providing guidance & recommendation about security requests for Browsing, Identity, Money, Network, Device & Files areas.
Development and implementation of a support strategy
Multi-channel cross-platform technical support 24/7/365
Tier 1 - Tier 3 level support specialists
Collection of statistics and regular KPI reports
Building and constantly updating the knowledge base and FAQs
Analysis of case processing and customer service quality
Multilingual Support
Product bug collection
Feature Figure
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24/7/365 customer support
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Focused personal approach
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    IT outsourcing tech support: Why it’s worth doing it

    Today most companies actively use the latest IT developments, but these technologies are not core to them, so they outsource part of their own infrastructure. This raises questions: what is  technical support outsourcing, what is it for, and is there a need for its use. This is what we will discuss in our article.

    Assignment of technical support and appropriateness of its outsourcing

    Technical support refers to a range of services created to help users with complex issues. It is usually a customer who writes or calls the technical support to know all the features of a product or to ask for help to fix an urgent problem.

    If a company provides a support service, it shows that it cares about its clients, which in turn has a positive effect on its reputation. Examples of support services offered from a company include hot line or other means of contact. All this characterizes a company positively.

    However, the technical support itself is a complex process, which is handled by a specially created department of programmers. A huge amount of information, which is provided by a large number of technical means and programs, passes through this division. It is worth mentioning that a separate tech-support team is also an expensive treat, which only a large company can afford. Therefore, many start-up or still developing firms use outsourcing it technical support, which will come out much cheaper.

    Feasibility and components of outsourced technical support

    Many enterprises that cannot afford to maintain a specialized IT department, turn to technical support outsourcing companies, which hire qualified employees with a full set of knowledge of advanced IT developments. The cost of such services depends on the functionality:

    1. The Outsourcing of system services is an assistance provided to companies that need to diagnose failures and check the performance of their main services, from e-mail to information security.
    2. A comprehensive survey of information infrastructure, which includes the administration of operating systems and other applications to ensure the stable performance of business tasks. Outsourcing technical support is a set of services relevant to several enterprises, among which the following are worth mentioning:
    • companies that do not operate in the field of technical support services outsourcing;
    • firms, which need a large amount of software or developments to automate the processes for their normal operation;
    • structures, whose employees do not have the slightest idea about the maintenance of equipment or software required for work.

    Recently, such services have become popular in many countries. This because outsourcing is very convenient, especially for technical support. Therefore, technical support outsourcing is also widespread in the USA.

    Advantages of tech support’s outsourcing

    Outsourcing of technical customer support in the United States is a service that has long been in demand in the country due to its ease of use and the ever-growing number of startups. Therefore, it is worth considering the main advantages of this service:

    1. Cost reduction. The outsourcing of customer support and technical support costs alone won’t harm a company’s budget as much as organizing a separate division of IT professionals who can help customers.
    2. High efficiency. It won’t be necessary to search the right software or take care of the tech support strategy, since specialized tech support companies already know them all. So the firms will have access to many modern technologies that are optimal for their business.
    3. Performance tracking. Businesses can have many comprehensive reports and summaries of how the technical support call center outsourcing is performed. These documents may even contain information about the after hours spent on  outsourcing technical support.
    4. Professional analysis. All customer requests to technical support services are logged so that the cause of faults or malfunctions can then be determined.
    5. Improving the reputation. The client will be assured that the firm can quickly solve all the problems with a quality tech support outsourcing, so the client can concentrate on other matters.

    It turns out that the outsourced technical support is a convenient and important business tool that not only optimizes the costs, but also contributes to improving the image and efficiency of the tasks performed. Many companies even often resort to outsourcing technical sales support in order to save money on organizing their own division of programmers and trade specialists.