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Customer Support Outsourcing

The results of customer support interactions play a huge role in how your customers feel about your business and brand as a whole and it has a great impact on your business’ major factors. That is why GYB Support consistently puts the customer’s needs first regardless of the time or effort it takes.

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Technical Support Outsourcing

With GYB Support tech agents our clients get a hold of superior tech help. Our experts have strong tech skills and cover nearly all styles of software and gadget-related technical troubles. Tech agents troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently which enables them to deliver qualified service increase essential customer service metrics – NPS, CSAT, CRR.

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Direct Sales Outsourcing

Attracting customers is one of the main business processes of almost every company. Outsourcing of the sales team with us is an effective tool for increasing sales and reducing the cost of organizing them. When forming our team, we make a careful selection of specialists. Selected candidates undergo a training course at a sales school conducted by leading experts in this field.

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QA & Compliance Outsourcing

The strategy of our business is to give qualified and compliant service. We maintain our great standards at a high level and comply with all external policies on the market. We monitor all styles of inquiries to ensure our customers get the best service. Our QA team also performs an in-depth evaluation of business processes based on customer service metrics and other key performance indicators – to evaluate the level of compliance with world service standards and legal regulations.

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