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Call center services for online store
August 26, 2022

Call center services for online store

In the modern world outsourced sales and marketing is an indispensable tool for any business wishing to increase profits. Attracting call center employees to sales, the owner can count on a prompt response to clients even outside working hours, as well as a high level of professionalism in consultation.

In fact, the outsourcing company provides a full package of marketing services, and therefore does not require expanding the customer’s staff with an additional department. This service is in demand even for small companies that value their budget and time.

How can a call center be useful for an online business?

Call center employees are highly qualified personnel who are regularly trained in new sales techniques. Their experience in interacting with customers from a variety of backgrounds allows them to think outside the box and be flexible.

Online stores use outsourced sales and marketing also because it provides a steady increase in customers and company profits. In this case, this service will be cheaper than paying employees of a full-time marketing department.

The main features of the call center:

  • the ability to support clients around the clock;
  • knowledge of sales techniques;
  • focus on the client and interest in the transaction;
  • experience in sales;
  • expansion of the team, if it is required by a dynamically developing project.

Sales are made directly, and therefore the level of customer loyalty to the company will be higher.

The deciding factor will be a significant saving of time. Managing even a small company requires a lot of effort and it is necessary to allocate every minute of the business owner clearly. By entrusting sales to the call center team, you can concentrate on the quality of the product.

Why is it worth entrusting your business to GotYourBack?

Outsourcing company GotYourBack will help your online store to attract more customers and take care of long-term cooperation with them. We provide a full range of services in the outsourced sales and marketing market.

The main competitive advantage of our call center operators is involvement, which allows them to immerse themselves in the product and treat the given task responsibly.

The set of services the customer receives:

  • making incoming and outgoing calls (multilingual sales are possible);
  • personnel training which allows to know better the product or service;
  • study of the specifics of the market;
  • opportunity to control the work and reporting at all stages of fulfillment of tasks.

Customized call scripts can be developed at the customer’s request, which allows customers to take into account all the features of the product. It is possible to analyze the results and refine the script on request during the process.

Another advantage for the owner is that there is no need to spend time organizing workplaces for operators. This work has already been done by GotYourBack. Employees will negotiate around the clock, increasing the conversion rate of your site.

It is worth noting that the level of professionalism of employees is extremely important for us, and therefore they are regularly trained by the best experts in the field of sales.

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August 26, 2022

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