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March 21, 2023

Does it make sense to make cold sales calls?

Calls to potential customers with whom there has been no interaction are called cold calls. Many managers try to avoid contact with a stranger in every way because they understand that it is more difficult to sell goods or services to such a client than to a “warmed-up” one who is ready to buy. But experienced sellers say that cold calls work better than sending out emails.

To increase the effectiveness of such calls, you need to know certain information and use it when talking to the potential buyer. Then, you can build proper communication, close the deal, and get your profits.

70 % of buyers respond to cold calls (Rain Group research). It can be concluded that the tool works and deserves attention. Another study (Baylor University real estate agents) found that only one of 60 calls led to a second call, a meeting with a potential client.

How should a manager behave with a cold audience

According to statistics, more than 50% of potential customers do not mind cold calls and even would like to be called. There is a reasonable question: why do less than 2% of phone calls end with a deal? The problem may be in the manager and his communication with the possible buyer. Some recommendations to the call operator include:

  • write a cool sales script;
  • invest in a base of potential clients; it will save 40% of your time;
  • the ratio of talk/listen should be 45:55;
  • no intrusiveness and pressure on the interlocutor;
  • approach the person so that he begins to trust;
  • show your experience, knowledge, and competence;
  • definitely call back if the potential buyer is ready to continue the conversation.

Studying your customers is essential so you understand how to communicate appropriately. Experts recommend cold calls only for B2B businesses with a high average bill.

 Tips on how to organize a manager’s work

It often makes sense to pay for outsourced direct sales to get good results.  Here is an example from life. Specialists advised one small company to divide the work: deal with cold calls before lunch, and start the rest of the duties after 3:00 pm. Sales scripts were rewritten, optimized, and rehearsed, considering the product’s specifics. Also, each of the seven sales department employees helped the others in turn: drawing up commercial offers, placing orders, and making shipments. It turned out that every 7 days another manager did these duties, and the others were not distracted by minor matters. The company’s result was already visible a month after the introduction of such a scheme. Revenue after four weeks increased by one and a half times; after two months – three times, and in six months, it grew almost five times. The increase in efficiency has led to such a decisive result.

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March 21, 2023

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