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quality of the call center
October 1, 2022

How to check the quality of the call center

Modern commercial companies can’t imagine their lives without call centers, especially outsourcing. Support services are important in today’s business, because customers usually communicate with call center employees. The profits of the firm depend on the competence of the staff, their politeness and other qualities. However, every company owner still wants to do outsourcing QA of the technical support service.

Why and how to check call center performance

In order to determine the effectiveness of the call center, it is worth assessing its KPI which are the key performance indicators. The work of both the contact center and individual employees is usually analyzed. When tracking KPIs, the following information can be obtained:

  • degree of satisfaction with service quality;
  • evaluation of the operational effectiveness of the contact center;
  • verification of staff qualifications;
  • development of additional tools that can retain customers and increase sales;
  • facilitate the contacting of customers to the support service.

outsourcing QA support service can be checked with a mystery shopper call. The control call will reveal the following:

  • how quickly the employee received the incoming call;
  • the literacy of the answers to questions asked;
  • operator’s competence;
  • knowledge of the whole range of company’s services.

This check usually takes place at a certain time, which is set by the customer. Mystery shopper calls the number of the contact center and behaves as a customer according to the instructions received. The conversation is recorded, which helps to assess the quality of communication of the staff.

As soon as the inspection is over, a report is filled out. The agent writes in it all his impressions and emotions from the call.

The main steps in call center QA

In general, outsourcing QA of a call center is done to improve the quality of the call center operations. It is necessary to evaluate what is already working and then come up with a strategy for improvement. This doesn’t require any extra effort – just three steps:

  1. Create an evaluation sheet. Completely break down the structure of the conversation with the operator, cross out unnecessary points and leave the most important at your discretion. Choose the best options, preferably expressed as a percentage, based on personal perceptions of the importance of the item. Then, a qualitative questionnaire will be issued, with the help of which you can judge the quality of communication with the employees of the call center.
  2. Sampling. You need to create a list of new employees and those who have already made mistakes. However, the operators who work well should also be checked. These calls are made on a special list, where shortcomings are noted.
  3. Analysis. After getting all the information you need, you can start the analysis. If the error is not frequent, you need to organize additional coaching for the operator. You should also think about motivation for him to improve the quality of his work.

After all of this, you can understand and determine the quality of the call center. It is worth noting that call center outsourcing QA is not done to punish the employee, but to improve the quality.


Each company has its own parameters for determining the quality of a call center. They spell out the terms in the agreement in advance. However, intelligently planned support service KPIs will help improve the efficiency of various business structures.

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October 1, 2022

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