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Selection of an outsourced contact center
September 9, 2022

Selection of an outsourced contact center to solve the client’s problems

Recently, there has been a tendency to transfer the powers of the support service to outsourcing. This allows you to optimize your company’s business processes and related costs. That is, in fact, an outside organization undertakes to provide sales outsourcing services or engage in other service operations according to the contract.

The process of selecting an outsourced call center is no different from choosing a service provider in other business areas, but there are certain nuances. Therefore, there are some criteria that we will try to understand.

Need assessment

Sales outsourcing services should be dictated by expediency. One thing is when the technical support department consists of 5-10 people, another thing is when there are more personnel in the department. In the latter case, you need to organize certain algorithms, procedures and instructions, which require certain resources. If the question is about costs, then it’s better to outsource maintenance right away.

Researching contact center capabilities

Needless to say, before outsourcing the customer support service, you should get all the information about their activities, that is, in fact, require them to provide a portfolio. If everything suits, then you can set the tasks that the contact center should perform, after analyzing all the customers’ needs.

Formation of technological requirements

Before concluding a contract for the transfer of sales outsourcing services, it’s necessary to resolve some technical issues: 

  • what tools are needed from the contact center;
  • the ability to integrate with personal software to create a single information space;
  • ensuring the confidentiality of client information.

Usually, most outsourced call centers have all necessary tools, but you can still outsource your own tools to be more efficient.

Creating a portrait of an operator

Contact centers have the personnel to perform the assigned tasks, but the recruiting staff can hire individual operators for the company according to the firm’s preferences. You need to know their skills before you assign them the job. This is because a call center representative should personify the business and provide a good reputation for the company.

When selecting a team, it’s necessary to pay attention to each operator and his skills in servicing any client whether it is sales or support. Other relevant work experience should also be assessed. For example, knowledge of foreign languages, the presence of special education or work experience in a particular company. It is important to provide HR agents with background information on the basis of which an agent will be selected.


After transferring to sales outsourcing services, don’t forget about the support department.  The work of employees needs to be monitored and even optimized in order to increase the efficiency of the company. It’s worth providing the division with special software, analytical tools and other suitable software. 

Periodically, operators conduct qualitative analysis, interview people, get feedback from customers or send mystery shoppers to ensure the effectiveness of the algorithms implemented in the work.


Setting-up a call-center is a task that requires a lot of financial and human resources. However, the availability of algorithms and a number of procedures will improve business processes in the company, as well as meet customer requests. In general, the outsourcing team will be able to do what an in-house unit cannot. Using the capabilities of outsourcing, you can achieve effective execution of business tasks according to the set goals.

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September 9, 2022

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