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Direct Sales Outsourcing

Direct Sales Outsourcing

We turn sales processes upside down so that your customer lifetime value upgrades constantly.

Our approach

Attracting customers is one of the main business processes of almost every company. Outsourcing of the sales team with us is an effective tool for increasing sales and reducing the cost of organizing them. When forming our team, we make a careful selection of specialists. Selected candidates undergo a training course at a sales school conducted by leading experts in this field.

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Outsource your call center entirely or during peak hours to reduce waiting time and dropped calls and increase conversion
Direct Sales Services
A type of sales that implies direct contact between a seller and a consumer without involving any third parties via inbound or outbound calls.
Product Upsells and Cross-sells
Selling the main product plus additional ones. Covering revenue risks and increasing sales and revenue.
In-app & Web Chats
Different sales activities both inside the application and on the web. Increasing sales and customer/user base.
Current service plans prolongation. Increase of Revenue and Customer LTV.
Customer Onboarding
Explaining the consumer journey and clarifying the app functionality to the user. Improving customer experience.
Sales Training Services
The personal development of skills and techniques related to creating and exploring new sales opportunities, as well as closing sales for an organization.
Customer Retention
The process of engaging existing customers to continue buying products or services from your business that enables you to form lasting relationships with consumers.
Telemarketing Services
Process of selling, soliciting or promoting a product or service over the telephone that is the most cost-efficient, flexible, and statistically accountable medium available.
Inbound and Outbound Services
End-to-end account management
Researching and gathering market intelligence
Comprehensive, qualitative and quantitative reporting
Sales Consulting and traininns
Reaching new and existing customers
Developing custom call scripts upon request
Multilingual sales in live chat or on the calls
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Why Us
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Easy and Fast Start
Launch support services in just 4 weeks
Deep knowledge of processes
its specifics and dynamics of consumer behavior
Mutli-lingual, omnichannel
24/7/365 customer support
Outstanding compliance
and continuous control over quality
Focused personal approach
and high team engagement
Flexible and scalable teams
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    Direct Sales Outsourcing

    Outsourcing and attracting clients: how to achieve a balance

    A marketing strategy takes into account all the needs of the business, so it is possible to attract the attention of customers. However, your efforts will not bring results without a proper preparation. Shortcomings in call centers’ operation lead to a loss of customers. How to deal with this? It is worth thinking about sales outsourcing.

    A preliminary preparation includes optimizing the processes and finding the right solutions. Why is it worth choosing a reliable company to order sales outsourcing services? There are several reasons, but one aspect is clear: improving the service department will increase the conversion rates and retain customers.

    Outsourcing the sales function: what is it necessary to know about this service

    A partial transfer of responsibilities to third parties is called outsourcing. Often, the attitude to such services is ambiguous. First, this is due to the fact that some employees (outsource sales team) will be engaged in useful work, while the company’s staff would be left without work.

    The cooperation is carried out differently, in fact. When hiring another company to perform certain tasks, there is no reduction in the number of employees. Ordering a service allows improving the quality of service.

    The main advantages of outsourced sales and marketing are the following ones:

    • possibility to quickly enter the market, if talking about launching a new product (service, company);
    • high quality service to customers who cause problems to sales department (foreigners, wholesalers);
    • sale of products or a particular segment of services without excluding already existing products on the market.

    An outsourced sales agency makes a profit on the basis of real results. This can be the income from sales, the number of deals, attracting potential clients and much more. The main advantage of such operation is the discussion of all the important aspects for a successful work.

    Who should order the services of sales outsourcing companies

    Paying for services upon receipt of certain results seems quite attractive. Companies don’t have to hire or fire employees to perform tasks. In order to decide on the need for outsourced sales management, it is worth paying attention to:

    1. The need for control. It is not possible to track the actions of sales outsourcing companies, and it is necessary to get used to it. The work of employees is checked by another party, which allows managing the time more effectively.
    2. Employee attitudes. Despite all the appeal, outsourcing of the sales function can cause a wave of resentment. Use dialogue with your staff to find out how they feel about such an idea.
    3. Sales cycle. Aiming to collaborate with a wide target audience will not allow using the benefits of sales process outsourcing. The low cost of the annual contract also complicates the operations.
    4. Sales objectives. The lack of resources and time to make preparations for a product launch suggests that direct sales outsourcing will allow getting results. Reducing costs and transferring responsibilities will help to develop the startup.

    To make a decision, you should also pay attention to sales outsourcing pricing. The cost of services from different companies differs, as well as the results obtained. It is necessary for you, as a business owner, to get the support of qualified employees of sales outsourcing solutions.

    How to choose a company for outsourced direct sales and marketing

    The search for a company that can be entrusted with sales outsourcing is sure to lead to the acquaintance with GotYourBack. This brand can be trusted with sales outsourcing for small business, and this is not a groundless statement. There are several points in favor for choosing this company:

    1. Track record. Working with well-known brands has created a profitable sales strategy tailored to the specifics. The in-depth knowledge of the field contributes to quality results.
    2. Experienced team. Confident employees are engaged to work on projects. The training and improvement of skills allows providing the appropriate level of sales support outsourcing.
    3. Easy start. The preparation of a new project takes no more than 4 weeks. During this time, a team of employees who have been trained is created, a study of the field is conducted, and an individual promotion strategy is developed.

    The company easily performs outsourced direct sales and marketing and functions that are related to this field. A detailed discussion of the terms and conditions, and consultations allows drawing up a contract and take into account the important working features of your organization and external department.

    Reduced waiting times and increased conversion rates are the first results of the collaboration. Industry analysis, research and thorough preparation for the launch of 24/7 support are used to achieve the goals.

    Are you looking for a reliable companion to outsource some of your tasks? Or need international sales outsourcing? These services and much more are available to GotYourBack clients. Want to know more? Submit a request on the company’s website!