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the client's readiness to buy
March 15, 2023

Signal phrases that determine the client’s readiness to buy

Telemarketing plays an important role in doing business. It allows you to communicate with potential customers in real time and get instant feedback. With its help, you can identify your customer’s needs faster, provide them with the right solution and shorten the sales funnel. But, at the same time, it is a whole science that requires a special awareness of the psychological factors of communication.

It is possible to know about the readiness to purchase a certain state of the person, during which he begins to ask ambiguous questions. These are the signals of willingness to make a purchase – it is essential to distinguish them from standard, everyday questions and phrases.

How not to miss these phrases?

To notice such signals, you need to follow the dialogue carefully. Phrases that indicate a person’s readiness to buy from you what you offer are somewhat out of the general logical context. They are unexpected and perceived as phrases that end the dialogue. It is crucial to recognize them – you can hear these phrases at any point in the conversation at any sale stage.

What are the signals?

The top of these phrases include:

  • “Is this always in stock in your store?” – always sounds in passing, as if to say that the person can’t buy right now but is still seriously thinking about it;
  • “What colors/models are available?” – questions of a clarifying nature always indicate a desire to buy;
  • “What’s the product warranty?” – the potential buyer admits the possibility that he will use the thing;
  • “I will discuss this question with someone close to me” – it is a question of money, which refers to issues of an intimate nature. Many people prefer to discuss it in private; it serves as the final part of the reflection on the purchase;
  • “Why should I buy from you?” – a provocative question, on the one hand, indicates that the customer is tired of choosing where to buy and, on the other hand, that he is ready to make a purchase.

If the client gives sufficiently obvious signals of readiness to buy, the seller should proceed to the end of the sale. At the same time, there’s no need to pressure the client or provoke him to make an instant decision. It’s enough to ask: “Are you satisfied with everything? Can we proceed?” and then move on to the action.

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March 15, 2023

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