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November 2, 2022

Support Ukraine by supporting your customers with Support team from Ukraine

Outsourcing customer support or special remote user support for software is convenient, cost-effective and affordable. Outsourcing is an ideal solution for organizations that create or resell products that need special knowledge and skills to configure. The clients of outsourcing companies are both individuals and legal entities. Ukrainian outsourcing services are known for their high qualifications, excellent training and experience of their specialists.

These days, customer support outsourcing has become more and more popular, as companies are always searching for ways to minimize costs and save time. The priority is still to take care of the client and help him develop his business. 

The work of customer support outsourcing consists in tracing problems with the software. For this purpose, a special program is created, which allows to receive requests, to answer them and to report in detail about the work done and the results obtained. Cloud applications have been developed so that technical support specialists have access to the system and can quickly process customer requests. In this way, specialists can perform maintenance from anywhere on the planet.

Advantages of outsourced customer support companies

Outsourced customer support companies can help the customer:

  • optimize costs – to not spend a lot of money on buying or renting equipment, training and staff development; pay only for the services provided;
  • exercise full control – outsourcing provides detailed objective reports, analytical summaries and other necessary data;
  • carry out qualitative analysis – incoming requests are recorded and thoroughly analyzed, which helps to solve the customer’s problems as soon as possible and not to lose profits;
  • increase business efficiency – the client will not have to select the most productive applications, programs and strategies, everything will be done for him;
  • create a flawless image to stand out among competitors.

If any problems arise, the client contacts the support service via e-mail, chat or social networks. He provides information, which is entered into a database and processed for a quick, optimal solution to the problem.

This increases productivity and customer satisfaction, as well as measuring the effectiveness of the service, which proves once again the value of turning to outsourced companies.

How customer support outsourcing works

Outsourced customer support services in Ukraine work according to the following algorithm:

  1. A line is created for communication with clients: where to write and call.
  2. Appeals in the form of messages and calls from users are received.
  3. Servicing and support of the server infrastructure, services and applications are performed directly.
  4. Forming a single database for all customer requests.
  5. Generating detailed reports on user requests.

Ukrainian outsourcing companies for customer support are reliable organizations, which take care of:

  • users who use its products or services;
  • own reputation;
  • professional growth and development to provide services at the highest level.

Support Ukraine – turn to Ukrainian outsourcing companies, which continue to support the country’s economy and work, despite everything, even in such difficult times.

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November 2, 2022

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