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January 25, 2023

Telemarketing for small and medium-sized businesses

Telemarketing is recommended for sales growth and customer acquisition and is an irreplaceable tool in a variety of business areas. It means the use of telecommunication technology when interacting with potential or existing customers. All stages take place over the phone:

  • initial greeting;
  • presentation of products or brands, services;
  • handling objections;
  • conclusion of the deal;
  • entering data into the system.

Therefore, sales can be made at any location without the need for personal presence when communicating with customers. This service includes not only the direct sale of goods or other products, but also prospecting, attracting first and new customers, marketing research, recovering lost customers, increasing brand loyalty. Different communication channels are usually used for telemarketing – telephony, IP telephony, e-mail, SMS. 

“Telemarketing” service in a call centre

Telemarketing is suggested to order for small and medium-sized as well as large businesses. The need for professional call centre services can be identified by the following signs:

  • current customers rarely reapply;
  • high number of missed calls from potential or current customers;
  • unable to find first or new clients;
  • cross-selling shows “zero” or insufficient results;
  • lack of growth in the client base;
  • business is not growing, loyalty to the company, the brand is dropping;
  • a small percentage of potential customers are informed in time about sales, new promotions.

Telemarketing in the company will help to solve the problems listed above. Almost immediately you will see the results. This refers to increased sales of goods or services, growth of active customers, increased number of customers during promotional periods.

A call centre for telemarketing can work on incoming calls only, on outgoing calls or in a mixed mode when incoming calls are processed and outgoing calls are organised.

Telemarketing can be “cold”, “warm” and “hot”, depending on the expected feedback of customers on the calls. Each case has its own specifics, the approach to telephone sales when dealing with different types of customers.

When is the service really in demand?

Telephone marketing involves working with a customer base. The client can provide the database himself or it can be formed by call centre operators on the basis of a “customer portrait”. The completed database should consist of targeted contacts and be relevant.

Telemarketing services are required in the following situations:

  1. Opening a new business, lack of customer base.
  2. Business expansion, entering regional markets, attracting new customers.
  3. Work with existing clients from the database – cross-selling, returning clients, etc.
  4. Own staff cannot manage the high volume of phone calls and lost calls must be reduced to zero.

The telemarketing centre is useful for small firms, individual entrepreneurs, large retail chains, companies and international corporations opening representative offices in other countries.

Also, sales outsourcing, can be useful, whose main customers are the brands that produce products in the FMCG segment. They turn to third-party companies in different situations – entering a new market or launching a new product, changing strategy and deciding to build their own direct sales channels. Both large and medium-sized brands are usually interested in outsourcing, the difference being the scope and range of services they need in order to develop effectively. The bigger the company, the more sales channels it can afford.

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January 25, 2023

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