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July 28, 2022

What is ACD automatic call distribution and why it will help your business

When a person calls to a company, often the first thing he hears is not an operator’s answer, but a welcoming audio message recorded in advance. Then the client has to wait for the employee to answer or perform a certain action himself via an IVR menu. After that, the customer is informed about the number of calls in the queue and the approximate time of connection to the operator. This combines two systems, greatly simplifying the processing of calls – IVR and ACD (Automatic Call Distribution). If everything is clear with IVR – it is an interactive menu, where by clicking on one or another key on the phone certain actions occur (balance message, receiving requests, etc.), then you might have difficulties with the ACD system.

ACD is an automatic call distribution. ACD receives incoming calls, sorts them according to pre-set conditions and transfers them to the right operator or IVR menu. This helps to increase company profits, reduce call processing time and improve the user experience.

There are several ways of using ACD – the receipt of an incoming call, the analysis of the call by the system and its distribution to an operator or group of operators according to predetermined rules.

Business benefits

Implementation of described system offers the following benefits:

  • increase of customers’ loyalty – a person will know for sure that he will get an answer from the operator in a known period of time.
  • effective distribution of load – each specialist of the company will be occupied in solving the clients’ questions, which will help prevent situations when the load is distributed unevenly.
  • fast response to calls, qualified assistance – depending on the current issue of the customer, the operator can transfer the call to the appropriate qualified specialist.

It would be impossible to productively manage call traffic and distribute it under different scenarios in call centers and large companies without this system. This includes high traffic, heavy network load, the need to process incoming calls after hours, the desire to automate the answers to frequently asked questions or repetitive requests.

Features of user technical support

When we talk about outsourcing technical support, it should be mentioned that this is a service for supporting users in working with technical devices and programs. Such service is an ideal option for companies producing or distributing products, which require specialized knowledge and skills for adjustment and support.

The use of outsourcing in your own business is due to the saving of money and time while changing the direction of work. Full range of support and service is provided to the company, which uses the specified system.

How does it all work? A client calls in to get information, a specialist registers the call in the database with notes on the details, answers the question or redirects the call to another specialist who can help the caller. It follows that outsourcing support can relieve the customer company from routine issues by taking on the main work of communicating with potential customers.

In general, there are three areas of outsourcing support to customers, including consultations, drafting and processing of new requests, followed by the transfer of the accumulated base of potential customers to the customer. It is also a remote solution to problems that have arisen with the purchased products.

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July 28, 2022

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